GROW Partner With ALT (Advanced Liquid Technology)

August 16, 2021––Los Angeles, CA – Pioneering liquid cannabis company ALT (Advanced Liquid Technology), announces it has entered into an agreement with Grow (Grow Group Plc) to market and distribute their proprietary, fast-acting, liquid medical cannabis products across Europe.

ALT uses emulsion technology to create unique flavor neutral, zero calorie, sugar-free, vegan, keto, and paleo friendly water-compatible medical cannabis products in the form of nanoemulsions, which are kinetically stable with an incredibly small particle size. ALT’s technology allows for far more effective delivery of cannabinoids to the user, compared to tinctures and other ingestible products. 

Patients will benefit from rapid on-set of effects within 5-15 minutes in addition to higher efficiency in absorption of medical cannabis. ALT finally enables doctors to recommend precise doses of cannabinoids to patients based on their individual need for relief from an array of ailments. ALT’s products are designed to allow patients to titrate their dose accordingly. 

ALT plans to have a range of EU GMP-certified liquid medical cannabis products available for patients in the UK and Germany by early 2022.  Medical patients will have access to ALT’s products by obtaining prescriptions through private practice or national health services.

Grow Group’s CEO Ben Langley said that “GROW’s mission is to bring medical cannabis products to all patients who need it. We strive to constantly improve and innovate on our product offering. With our leading position and unique experience we are very confident that with ALT’S new mode of administration using liquid medical cannabis we are going to make another leap forward in providing patients with the best products and solutions for their symptom management.“

ALT’s CEO, Robert Davis, commented, “We are honored to partner with Grow in bringing ALT’s completely differentiated brand and liquid medical cannabis technologies to the

European medical markets.  After successfully launching ALT into California in December of 2020, we are excited to expand internationally, our first step in becoming a global brand.  ALT’s

mission is to Enhance Human Potential and we will do so, one patient at a time, through the power of our liquid cannabis platform.”

Bar Capital Global introduced and advised both ALT and Grow on this groundbreaking relationship and will continue to assist in the successful launch of the products. 

About Grow Group and Grow Pharma UK

Grow Pharma is a leading UK medical cannabis distributor and part of the Grow Group. Grow Group PLC exists to unlock the medical potential of cannabis for those who need it. Grow works with the producers of the best cannabis-based medicines and helps them introduce their products in markets like the U.K. and Ireland, creating long-term value for them and offering solutions for patients. 

The Grow team also focuses on supporting clinics and individual healthcare professionals. Through a U.K. partnership with IPS Specials Pharma, Grow works with the best importer, distributor and pharmacy in the country to deliver the medication to patients. Ultimately, all Grow Group activities are aimed at improving patient access to cannabis medicines. Find out more at  

About ALT

ALT fuses nature with science to Enhance Human Potential™ through precision liquid cannabis. ALT delivers healthier, elevated, and consistent medical cannabis products without the common drawbacks of other delivery methods––be it the delayed onset of ingestibles, tinctures, and oils or the known health risks associated with vaporizing or smoking cannabis. 

ALT is incorporated in Delaware, with operations headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Find out more at  

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